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Throwback Thursday To Our First Hire!

After many months of debate we came to the (initially) scary decision of hiring out "Hills on Water", our beloved Narrowboat. After various phone calls to the canal and river trust, the licenses and insurance were in place, the boat was moved to its new marina, Aqueduct Marina. Finally, we were all set for our first customer. The commercial license was in place for the 1st of September 2019, we had a couple of weeks to try and advertise and get the "boat out there". Despite being a close family, we wanted to try and see where things can go and potentially get another boat in the future, hence the name "Cheshire Canal Boat Hire". We were very lucky, in that bookings for September and October came in very quickly, giving us a piece of mind that the public must appreciate our boat as much as we do. A lovely couple with their two four legged friends boarded the boat on the 2nd of September, after a quick demonstration (as shown above!!) they sailed down towards Chester. During the 6 days of hiring "Hills on Water" the couple enjoyed relaxing, visit pubs and making new memories with the dogs.

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